Taina Mix: About me



I grew up in Germany and have been living in beautiful California for over 15 years. My mother is a great cook, but unfortunately I have not inherited her skills. 


As a confessing "Anti-Cook" I never really had the time, skill or passion for cooking.

That is until the Thermomix moved into our house.

One of my girlfriends from Germany had been telling me for months how her son "just made himself some ice cream" or how she casually whipped up a goat cheese dip on the side with her beloved Thermomix, however this "Kitchen God" was not available in the US.


I was so excited when I heard that VORWERK had just opened up their first office in the states and purchased the Thermomix immediately thinking “if I can do it, anybody can”.

It only took a couple of weeks to turn the dreaded chore of cooking into a hobby.

I was magically creating herbal salts, liqueurs, jams, breads, delicious dinners – a whole new experience!

Thermomix empowered me as well as my family and I am so excited to share this wonderful innovation with anybody who is looking for more FUN in the kitchen.


Learn more about VORWERK here - a family owned company founded back in 1883.



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Looking forward to mixing with you :)

Taina Franke